Portable Solar LED Lighting Kit

Kit includes:

• (3)  600 Lumen LED lamps

          Each lamp base has 2 USB ports for charging USB devices including iPhones; 3 stage dimming (full, half, nightlight) control, charging indicator light

• (1)  Portable Lantern Handle & Base

         Attach handle for 'flashlight' portability, rest on Table Top Clear base for 'lamp'

• (1)  BLISS wall mount power bank storage system

        3 output charging ports to lamps, load sharing, indicator lights (power source connected, charging, fully charged), 2 USB charging ports, 4 multi-purpose ports supporting: (a) 2  18VDC solar panel ports, (b) power bank to power bank link port. 

• (1)  50 watt solar panel, BLISS compatible

• (4)  DC cables: (1) Solar Panel to BLISS, (3) BLISS to Lamps

•  Mounting hardware and brackets for lamps and BLISS


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